ARMITAGE SHANKS came into being after Dick and Rod  found an old vox amp and guitar in the attic . Dick's dad had been in the greaser boogie band "Smokepacket" from the late 60's , and it was indeed his old gear they had stumbled upon.

It did not occur to them that they should be able to play  , they were after the suavity of their heroes , the milkshakes and the damned.Thee lightbulb moment came at the front of a caesars gig at the oval ,  this trio made a right royal racket , but the guitarist held his hand in one position all the time - they had just seen the worlds greatest exponent of the barre chord.

Unable to afford the new fangled casios and peaveys ,they relied upon the white hot valves and rusty strings to be found at Alan Pine's and Jeff French's second hand music emporiums. Armed with burns , vox and selmer they set about finding like minded individuals to join them in their quest to make proper punk rock and roll music.

They found Vic Flange in the back of a kentish town pub - flayling away on a trixon jazz drum kit  , he veered between keith moon and keith lard , total untutored genius - he thought the shanks were rubbish , but dick wore him down over several pints of guiness and kaluah , he was in.

Still lacking the bottom end , bass players came and went with alarming regularity - none of them understood the mission - this is not stars in their eyes or x factor. Finally they found the answer under their nose , an old compadre who ran a club called fifty watts of power - with his PA and multi instrumental ability clive shite was the only man for the job - he was in .......

The final piece of the jigsaw was to be found in the land of the free lunch - reeling from the UK's enthusiasm and love , they had to get to a place where they could walk the street unmolested by millionaires looking for their lost credibility.

Jamie Jism and Scott Free were in a Ramones tribute band , the schtick being they played at half speed and used one less chord , they invited the shanks over the pond and introduced them to every single one of their contacts and soon the shanks were earning up to $12 a gig.

Heading north they found a banjo bashing yokel by the name of adolf , he was barely able to feed himself , but he could play a guitar just like ringing a bell , this rope pulling style of axemanship was just what the shanks needed and he was on board , but we made him sit at the back,,,,,,,,,

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