Album Cover
rest in piss
Armitage Shanks
wilk - 0
Released: Nov 11, 2011
Label: armitage shanks
Track Listing
1 shirts off
2 bernard manning
3 primary school punk
4 you don't destroy me
5 ambulance
6 another beer
7 the grass is always greener
8 carry on up yer khyber
9 dutch courage
10 support slot
11 skiddy day
12 bianca
13 you're here i'm hooked you're gone
14 jimmy pursey's bastard son
15 deny me
16 drowning not waving
17 me and yer granny on bongos
18 jack regan
19 where did it all go right
20 louie louie music
21 look out here comes uncle john
22 did punk rock make you a millionaire

Liner Notes

22 tracks across 22 years on this least shit comp , with tunes from every recorded line up. Marvel at the ineptitude and gasp at the bravado

hand produced as a high quality picture disc only available at the last gigs.

Forgetfulness and drink mean that a few copies of this soon to be classic are still available.

Numbered edition

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