rest in piss

the last disc is a 22 track least shit  of . "Rest in Piss" will include louie louie music ,uncle john and the least shit tracks recorded from every line up and period of the band  - working hard to get it ready for the last gigs and it will of course be bespoke and numbered.

fat bloke sings

Chart-topping act Ameritage Shanks are to split "amicably" after 20 years and 26 top ten hits, they have announced.

The Snodland group will bow out following a farewell tour next month and said they are looking forward to "new ventures".

Over the course of their career the group has achieved 14 number one hits.

In a statement the group said: "Over the years Omitege Shank has become so much more to us than just a band. Harmitage Hank are a dysfunctional family."

The group - for many years managed by Willy Biledish - survived the departure of one of its founding members Mark Hallet, and continue shamelessly as a four-piece.

Bassist Serge Dirtbox also won admiration for announcing he was gay when the boy band were at the peak of their success.

They produced hit after hit, with singles such as Swear It Again You Cunt and Macca Without Wings among their number ones.

Many of their big hits over the years were cover versions and they capitalised on a swing revival by recording a Brat Pack-style album Allow Us To Be Molly Ringwald.

Members Scum, Shite, Flange and Vomit are due to release a greatest bits album shortly as usual limited to 50 copies and only available at the last 2 gigs.

They said they had "countless memories that we will forever cherish" from their years together.

all cisterns go trasharama review

Armitage Shanks - All Cisterns Go E.P.

Medway punks Armitage Shanks return with their first piece of vinyl in nearly 4yrs on the cerebral punk label Braindart (USA). The All Cisterns Go E.P. is 4 tracks of pure snotty medway punk trash originally recorded in 2009 as part of an LP that was made free to download for their fans & detractors alike. 
The E.P. kicks off with 'Did Punk Rock Make You A Millionaire', a scowling Dick Scum ditty railing against why more ex-punk rockers aren't now rolling in loadsa money and tv advertisement deals for butter and the like. Next up is 'The Ballad Of Unlucky Luke' another Dick Scum original about some bloke called Luke who's unlucky and stuff.
Side 2 kicks off with 'No Chance' another Scum original song which i'm pretty sure is about all those gold digging women that want to get inside his pants & sample some medway sausage. Last but not least the E.P. finishes with a blistering cover version of the TVP's 'ATV', the standard fare of medway garage punks.
Someone once said that you can't polish a turd, well the Shanks prove that although that may be the case you can certainly lacquer and varnish one to good effect!

Charlie Spliff

boston mass

if you buy the single - you will get a 28 track (count 'em) CD featuring a concert recorded in Boston Mass USA plus a radio show from the same day.

Armitage Shanks lined up as a fierce ,fast , four guitar behemoth and it is generally agreed that this was the best we ever played.

So , still ropey then.................................

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