who the fuck are hardskin?

If HARDSKIN were a garage band they would be ARMITAGE SHANKS... fact. Rudimentary punk rock done with that rough and tumble Medway sound. Like THEE MILKSHAKES minus the 60's. Four tunes that don't mess around, no meandering, fancy bridges, fiddly intros, extended endings, just straight up punch in the face punk rock. This band do it right, God bless em and their ATV cover. Great. (SD)

The EP also made 4 of the Shitworkers Top 10's for that issue! [Read More...]
all cisterns go review
All Cisterns Go the new 4 song Ep from them lovable losers(forever 'Support Slot' band) is on on Braindart Records (San Jose CA USA)and its a the real deal.. think 1970's Pub/Punk Rock DIY and limited to 50 copies(mine is #5) 1st song is 'Did punk rock make you a millanaire' (as seen on youtube) name checks all the old punks and where they are now.. next up is 'The ballad of unlucky luke' a song about some unlucky git called 'Luke' Side 2 starts with the last of 'Dicks' songs 'No Chance' which sounds like a song id sing to the birds back in the day.. the last song is a cover of 'Mark Perry/ATV' standard/classic punk cover 'ATV' which Dick and the boys make there own. with a awesome cover designed by Arthole you have a record worth at least twice the 499 pennies its going for and if your quick you might get a free 22 track CD called 'Boston to Brixton' [Read More...]
20 golden showers
incredibly annoying organ [Read More...]
crude, rusty and possibly inept
crude, rusty and possibly inept [Read More...]
the Prime Movers' track sounds a bit too much like Heart [Read More...]
may be the best Shanks tune ever.
A great record from a band I'm thrilled didn't pack it in. [Read More...]
Full of snot & gusto
U.K. Garage punk of the highest order. Full of snot & gusto and cut from the same cloth as Billy Childish. Perfect meld of 70’s U.K. Punk and 60’s grunt. Wicked singles comp! [Read More...]
they know their way round cheap guitars, tube amps and real ale with extreme prejudice
Always good to know that out there are bands beyond the stifling reach of fashion and trendiness, unafraid to pick ‘em up and bash ‘em out. Bands like this London lot, pals with better known punk-rock refuseniks like Billy Childish, who know their way round cheap guitars, tube amps and real ale with extreme prejudice. Close your eyes - hear the yowled Cockney vocals, the occasional ham-fisted punch of Farfisa keyboards and beery harmonica blasts, guitars on full treble and drumming that makes one remember why they were once called pagan skins. Is it Marquee Club ’64? Nope, open your eyes, it’s London in the here and now. Ain’t the modern world great? [Read More...]
maybe could have used a tad more structure
Snotty Brit garage punk, produced by Liam Watson of White Stripes production fame, who was at one point their bass player. They’ve got Billy Childish connections, and they do a blazingly great job of creating garage punk sounds with gruff hooligan-like vocals. There are some nice cover choices, with the Who’s “Circles” being the best, and there’s also a rough edged cover of “Knock On Wood” that maybe could have used a tad more structure. But there’s plenty of punk rock action on their original material that works fine, and the snarling lyrics fit right in with the music. Good working class garage punk as only the Brits can pull off successfully [Read More...]
UK's premium 2-chord Punkrockers!
Brand new Album by UK's premium 2-chord Punkrockers! 16 tracks..so simple..so 77..so killer! Always dressed up smart & playing their boss vintage guitars the 4 lads from England have again spit out some mighty fine originals plus a storming set of 5 coverversions (e.g. by THE WHO, TV PERSONALITIES & Isaac Hayes)! CD only! This is what Punk is all about..no posershit! [Read More...]
who can forget their tender re-working of old Gazza Numans Are Friends Electric?
At last all of those hard to find Armitage Shanks 7" singles on one great compilation! Hits like Do you want some F***** Shirts Off , Support Slot and who can forget their tender re-working of old Gazza Numans Are Friends Electric? Now you can clear you shelves of those hard to play fuddy duddy 7" singles and replace them with this easy to dust, nice and shiny Compact Disc. So don t forget that this 25 track collection features every one of the young scamps singles and also has a 8 page full color booklet with pictures of all their releases and many rare and unpublished photos and also extensive sleeve notes and words of wisdom from Dick Scum. [Read More...]
cock energy
songs that you can't get anywhere else. Recorded in the USA and released on an American label.
smash the cistern
"These guys have been around for ages
never mind the ballcocks
Never Mind The Ballcocks hails the welcome return of THE ARMITAGE SHANKS, Rochester's (UK) finest punk band! Playing '77 punk rock like you haven't heard since...well 1977, The Shanks are guaranteed to please even the most discerning listener. Boasting a winning combination of super-sharp lyrics, three chords and a frock-wearing singer by the delectable name of DICK SCUM, no one is safe from the scathing wit of The Shanks—Jimmy Pursey, Bianca of Eastenders, they all come in for a tongue lashing, Shanks style. [Read More...]
the brandy session (slight return)
bought some records over the holidays...that's right, laid down actual cash instead of waiting passively for them to arrive in the mail. Technically that means I don't have to write about them, but screw that, because some of this stuff is just too good to keep under wraps. For instance, I purchased a collection of singles by the Armitage Shanks which is entitled 25 Golden Showers...(all together now, "ewwww!"). The Armitage Shanks are Billy Childish's favorite opening band, and they got that job because their lead singer drove the van for Thee Headcoats. From all this you'll deduce that what they do smart but primitive, full of piss and extremely, extremely rocking. Anyway, just for fun, here's a paragraph from the liner notes, penned by one Ian Damaged (it says he's aged 38 and a half, but I'd bet $10 he looks older.):"One day sticks in my mind when they were back at Toe-Rag recording their second album (for another fuckin' label) which was all covers of classic punk songs. Dick had downed a whole bottle of brandy over a period of about two hours which was working well for a while but by the time he attempted a rousing version of the Adverts' 'One Chord Wonders' he was so pissed that he just couldn't work out where to come in and decided every one else was wrong and obviously not him...these recordings to exist check out the Brandy Sessions."Ahem, rock and roll. Anyway, I'm going to try to upload the shortest cut on the disk, called "Thank You," but, as you'll discover, the title is a bit of a euphemism. I'd pay the $15 just to hear the venom with which Dick Scum (yeah, his real name, don't you think?) spits out "power pop." [Read More...]
Benny Hill of the UK garage rock scene.
Armitage Shanks "Smash the Cistern!" EP
God, how I love the Shanks, and it's great to see that the rumors of them throwing in the towel may be a bit premature with this new release. At least I hope so, because it appears they still have something left in the tank. "Deny Me" is a classic Shanks mid-tempo clanger, somewhat bitter as usual ('cause they always get the shit-end of the stick, you know), but not letting it get the best of them. They'll still rock it out no matter what you throw at 'em. Dick's vocals are strong on this one and there's some delicious and crisp twang present on the guitar. Shifting songwriting mode to takin'-the-piss-style, they break out "Buzzcocks Mug", a name-dropping pot-shot aimed at the 'cocks themselves, crass commercialism, memorabilia collectors and coattail riders (from what I'm guessing), the sort of nudge-nudge-wink-wink joke these limeys are so good at. It's kind of sung to the tune of "The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle" as well. "Me and Yer Granny on Bongos" starts of sounding like "Shirts Off" but turns out to actually be a hilarious bit of deadpan spoken word cheekiness. Funny in that pleasant (and a bit Python-y) English way. "Chav Scum" closes, sort of a dirty boogie with Shanks in total rock-mode, tossing off another inside/Brit-centric joke I don't really get but am totally happy to guffaw along with. A splendid platter from a band I always like to think of as the Benny Hill of the UK garage rock scene. Stick around boys, please. Nice full color cardstock sleeves.(RK)
(Cock Energy // PO Box 8793, Chico, CA 95927) [Read More...]
accurate review shocker
Armitage Shanks Smash the Cistern EP (Cock Energy)
For a distressing amount of time in the 90s these Armitage Shanks were pretty much the only relevant rock’n roll punker band operating out of the UK (outside of the Childish constellation of bands of course). There was a bounty of arty stuff operating on the DIY circuit, with the Slampt stable of bands immediately coming to mind amongst others like the Country Teasers, but the thoroughly pathetic state of affairs concerning the lack of output from that island’s more traditionally primal (ya know?) sources was perplexing (unless you understand the insanely corrosive effect of their music media). Other than the Shanks, who was channeling the ethos of the 60s and 70s without focusing on dress up First and the rocking a distant Second? So, everyone should have at least one Armitage Shanks record in the stable, take your pick. Having said all of that, you probably shouldn’t start with this effort, kids, as they sound a bit tuckered out on here. Part of their charm was directly lifting punk riffs and remaking them in their own trashed-out image, but on this one either their inspiration is flagging or their interests are divided because the vim is missing. No problem, just one flat note in a symphony of otherwise welcome cacophony. –RW [Read More...]
smash the cistern
ARMITAGE SHANKS "Smash the Cistern!" EP
These loverly louts can do no wrong, as witness this wisdom from "Buzzcocks Mug": "I think punks deserve a crockery choice." "Me and Yer Granny on Bongos" is bent brilliance, "Chav Scum" is a wonderful glob of sleeze and shit, and "Deny Me" is some kind of musical peak for the SHANKS to date. An absolute delight.
urinal heap
There are few acts that have had the stamina not to grow at all. Knowing the depths of one's talent, and never overstepping those boundaries is a feat unto itself. A few bands have had long careers and never felt the urge to expand on their original formula: The Ramones, AC/DC, Motörhead. They were cartoons to start with, but their lack of desire to become three-dimensional is stunning. Even past their prime, they could dish out some songs that did justice to what came before. [Read More...]
Believe In Armitage Shanks
Now, listen. Looking at the back catalogue and the liberal sprinkling of toilet humour that the band employ, you might be forgiven for thinking that Armitage Shanks are some sort of 'funny' punk band. They don't take themselves too seriously, that's for sure, but one listen to this album and you're left in no doubt that they're far from a joke. Armitage Shanks have made something quite lovely, a contemporary punk album that's relevant, exciting and surprisingly dark and urban. If you have no time for garage punk then you'll hate this, but for everyone else, this is quite essential. Actually, punk has too many negative connotations to truly describe this as punk; it's more hardcore rock 'n' roll for jumping about too - A more brutal version of The Who, if you will, all chugging riffs and crashing drums.

[Read More...]
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