blast off festival
putting the punk firmly into garage-punk [Read More...]
they "didn't steal everything from Billy Childish, though."
But tonight's show proved beyond a reasonable doubt to the American audience that the Shanks are more than just a collection of Childish's friends and fans, more than a temporary refuge for Toe Rag Studio mastermind (and White Stripes producer) Liam Watson, and more than simply a stopover band for Daggerman Wolf Howard between stints in the James Taylor Quartet and Thee Buff Medways. [Read More...]
the dirtiest punk rock to come out of the UK since the Sex Pistols disbanded
Unlike the bathroom fixtures whose name they share, Armitage Shanks is more likely to be found in the garage producing some of the dirtiest punk rock to come out of the UK since the Sex Pistols disbanded in 1978. [Read More...]
the redemptive power of Guinness
Generally speaking, there are two kinds of punk rockers: the ones who care about nothing -- nihilistic pessimists shouting, ``No future!'' -- and the do-gooder political types, who, with songs of famine and war, care about everything.

Armitage Shanks, who performed Friday night at New Haven's Cafe Nine, belong to a third class: the goofballs. If the London garage-punk sextet believes in anything, it's the redemptive power of Guinness. [Read More...]
classic fast, stop-starty punk in the manner of Buzzcocks and The Jam
As Armitage Shanks frontman Dick Scum observed, “It’s fuckin ’ot in this joint, i'n'it?” Made up of five stylish men in white collar shirts and skinny black ties, the band played classic fast, stop-starty punk in the manner of Buzzcocks and The Jam. Scum provided snarly Cockney vocals, observing early on that “it’s Sat’dy night! We should be pogoing!”
The setlist included favorites like “Shut Up” and “Drowning, Not Waving.” The band sounded great, tight and enthusiastic [Read More...]
it didn't feel excessive
This year, the exception was the Armitage Shanks, a fun garage/punk band from the UK, who played around an hour and it didn’t feel excessive. Incidentally, there is an excellent quality MP3 of the show (minus the encores) that you can download at this link (right click, then click on "save links as"). Thank me later! [Read More...]
borstal breakout bring down
Armitage Shanks

I could die happily never hearing "Borstal Breakout" again in my life, but the Pop Rivets and Clash covers more than made up for it! (for all you die-hard militant Sham 69 fans who now want my head on a pole..there are some punk "classics" that I've hated since my teens...and further loathed after having certain people become identified with the song (this phenomenon crosses all genre-boundaries)...Borstal Breakout comes in third, followed by "Groovy Times" by the Clash, and preceded by "Alternative Ulster" by Stiff Little Fingers and "Astro Zombies" by the Misfits. Suck on it.). [Read More...]
sweaty presence
If you're missing the punk bands of old, and wish to experience some good, old fashioned ‘shouting oi-oi’ of the sort you didn't think they made any more, then you could do a lot worse than checking out the wonderful Armitage Shanks when they grace the nearly legendary Buffalo Bar with their sweaty presence on Friday 8th April.
[Read More...]
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