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At 28, LIAM WATSON  is co-owner of Toe Rag Vintage Recording Studios, a veritable museum of authentic recording equipment from the Fifties and Sixties. It even boasts an old Abbey Road mixing desk. "Bands come here if they want a very particular sound, one which modern studios with their new technology can't give them," explains Watson, who also plays bass with two punk bands, Armitage Shanks, and Sexton Ming and the Diamond Gussets. Watson looks nothing like a punk and instead dresses - although he hates the moniker - more like a mod. His home bears no trace of the Nineties: just an old gramophone, tons of 45s and row upon row of dark-coloured woollen suits. It's like stepping back to the early Sixties and, though unintentionally, Watson has been meticulous with detail: even a piece of printed fabric hanging over the door is an original Sixties find. It's an exercise in pure nostalgia, with Watson sourcing his regulation three-buttoned single-breasted jackets, slit-pocket slim trousers and pointed lace-ups from second-hand shops and nearby Brick Lane market. He waxed lyrical about his latest acquisition (not an item that would normally gladden the heart of a punk band member): a Fair Isle tank-top.

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