it didn't feel excessive

Don’t take that to mean I’m completely jaded. There’s no better feeling (well, for the most part, if you know what I mean) than putting on a record and having it pin your ears back and giving you the urge to stomp your foot uncontrollably, maybe even start dancing around the room and be grateful that no one is catching that moment with a video camera! It’s the same when I see a live band. Just this weekend I saw Out Cold play at Welfare Records up in Haverhill and, from the moment the first chord was struck, I was riveted. They played 22 minutes and I wanted more. Given that my attention span gets shorter and shorter, it’s unusual for me to be able to watch a band for more than 30-45 minutes. This year, the exception was the Armitage Shanks, a fun garage/punk band from the UK, who played around an hour and it didn’t feel excessive. Incidentally, there is an excellent quality MP3 of the show (minus the encores) that you can download at this link (right click, then click on "save links as"). Thank me later!

ed ;this was the boston show

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