crude, rusty and possibly inept

Band: Armitage Shanks
Album: Urinal Heap
Label: Damaged Goods

Alleged Billy Childish prot‚g‚s Armitage Shanks play a crude, rusty and possibly inept style of garage punk that somehow sounds unique even as it breaks no new ground whatsoever. The singer sounds like a big half-educated lout, and the band plays scrankle-skrinkle UK-punk '79 guitar chords on this collection of brand-new speedy originals and inspired cover tunes ("Hold On I'm A-Comin'," "Circles (Instant Party)," "Knock On Wood"). Also please note: the album title is a take-off on the name of long-forgotten '70s shit-rockers Uriah Heep. What kind of human being would bother to make fun of Uriah Heep in the year 2004 of our Lord?


ed ; one of my favourite reviews  , he calls me a big , half educated lout  , but is ignorant of charles dickens , or his connection to medway , though his knowledge of prog bands is exemplary

mark prindle
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