[V/A] - "Woosh!" cd  (Little Teddy)   Buy at Jigsaw Records! 
Though this disc is subtitled "Little Teddy Recordings 1991-2001", it is in no way a closer to the label's amazing ten year career - it's actually the mark of a new beginning for the label, which has a load of new releases planned for the new decade. This release celebrates the past ten years of their existence with 24 songs from their 80+ records they've released since 1991 (and a remix of a Celest song just recently released), including classics from the McTells, Blind Bats, Television Personalities, Tullycraft, Direct Hits, and of course, the Bartlebees. Not all of the songs are obvious "hits", but rather selective favorites of the label's. Some of these songs are old favorites for me, as well, a few I haven't heard in years, and was happy to hear again. There were also a few bands I'd never heard on here, like the wonderfully jangly Yukio Yung and the garage-punktastic Armitage Shanks. Sure, they're not all winners (the Prime Movers' track sounds a bit too much like Heart), but you'll surely find a few favorites on this disc...  

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