may be the best Shanks tune ever.

Armitage Shanks "Urinal Heap" CD
The Shanks return with their first new release in almost five years, and prove that they are still a force to be reckoned with. This could be their best yet. Gone is the lo-fi scrape of their previous releases, replaced with some suped-up Toe Rag production reminiscent to what recent Buff Medways records have sounded like. The opener, "Drowning not Waving" has a hugeSwell Maps-like roar, and may be the best Shanks tune ever. The rest of the LP is full of the expected tomfoolery: "Dirty Water" is a potshot at the London club of the same name, "You Owe Me" and "Told You So" are classic Medway movers, and "Jack Regan" is the obligatory song referencing a bit of Brit pop-culture. Half the tracks on the record were supposed to be released years ago as the "Bury Me A Mod: EP, which never surfaced, so they appear here wedged between the newer tracks. Great examples of the Shanks talent to make great songs even more enjoyable via their slapdash yet genuine cover method, this time utilized on soul/R&B/Mod classics such as "Hold On I'm Coming". A great record from a band I'm thrilled didn't pack it in. Regrettably, on CD only.(RK)
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