maybe could have used a tad more structure

Armitage Shanks – “Urinal Heap” CD 16/39:48 Nothing like starting a disc with “I’m drowning but you think I’m waving/so you just wave back at me” to set the mood. Armitage Shanks have been around for about 10 years; released a bunch of singles and about 4 proper full lengths, and this fits right in with the rest of their catalog. Snotty Brit garage punk, produced by Liam Watson of White Stripes production fame, who was at one point their bass player. They’ve got Billy Childish connections, and they do a blazingly great job of creating garage punk sounds with gruff hooligan-like vocals. There are some nice cover choices, with the Who’s “Circles” being the best, and there’s also a rough edged cover of “Knock On Wood” that maybe could have used a tad more structure. But there’s plenty of punk rock action on their original material that works fine, and the snarling lyrics fit right in with the music. Good working class garage punk as only the Brits can pull off successfully. Steve @

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