the brandy session (slight return)

 bought some records over the holidays...that's right, laid down actual cash instead of waiting passively for them to arrive in the mail. Technically that means I don't have to write about them, but screw that, because some of this stuff is just too good to keep under wraps. For instance, I purchased a collection of singles by the Armitage Shanks which is entitled 25 Golden Showers...(all together now, "ewwww!"). The Armitage Shanks are Billy Childish's favorite opening band, and they got that job because their lead singer drove the van for Thee Headcoats. From all this you'll deduce that what they do smart but primitive, full of piss and extremely, extremely rocking. Anyway, just for fun, here's a paragraph from the liner notes, penned by one Ian Damaged (it says he's aged 38 and a half, but I'd bet $10 he looks older.):"One day sticks in my mind when they were back at Toe-Rag recording their second album (for another fuckin' label) which was all covers of classic punk songs. Dick had downed a whole bottle of brandy over a period of about two hours which was working well for a while but by the time he attempted a rousing version of the Adverts' 'One Chord Wonders' he was so pissed that he just couldn't work out where to come in and decided every one else was wrong and obviously not him...these recordings to exist check out the Brandy Sessions."Ahem, rock and roll. Anyway, I'm going to try to upload the shortest cut on the disk, called "Thank You," but, as you'll discover, the title is a bit of a euphemism. I'd pay the $15 just to hear the venom with which Dick Scum (yeah, his real name, don't you think?) spits out "power pop."

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