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Armitage Shanks Smash the Cistern EP (Cock Energy)
For a distressing amount of time in the 90s these Armitage Shanks were pretty much the only relevant rock’n roll punker band operating out of the UK (outside of the Childish constellation of bands of course). There was a bounty of arty stuff operating on the DIY circuit, with the Slampt stable of bands immediately coming to mind amongst others like the Country Teasers, but the thoroughly pathetic state of affairs concerning the lack of output from that island’s more traditionally primal (ya know?) sources was perplexing (unless you understand the insanely corrosive effect of their music media). Other than the Shanks, who was channeling the ethos of the 60s and 70s without focusing on dress up First and the rocking a distant Second? So, everyone should have at least one Armitage Shanks record in the stable, take your pick. Having said all of that, you probably shouldn’t start with this effort, kids, as they sound a bit tuckered out on here. Part of their charm was directly lifting punk riffs and remaking them in their own trashed-out image, but on this one either their inspiration is flagging or their interests are divided because the vim is missing. No problem, just one flat note in a symphony of otherwise welcome cacophony. –RW

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