all cisterns go review

All Cisterns Go the new 4 song Ep from them lovable losers(forever 'Support Slot' band) is on on Braindart Records (San Jose CA USA)and its a the real deal.. think 1970's Pub/Punk Rock DIY and limited to 50 copies(mine is #5) 1st song is 'Did punk rock make you a millanaire' (as seen on youtube) name checks all the old punks and where they are now.. next up is 'The ballad of unlucky luke' a song about some unlucky git called 'Luke' Side 2 starts with the last of 'Dicks' songs 'No Chance' which sounds like a song id sing to the birds back in the day.. the last song is a cover of 'Mark Perry/ATV' standard/classic punk cover 'ATV' which Dick and the boys make there own. with a awesome cover designed by Arthole you have a record worth at least twice the 499 pennies its going for and if your quick you might get a free 22 track CD called 'Boston to Brixton'

kenneth williams
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