Benny Hill of the UK garage rock scene.
Armitage Shanks "Smash the Cistern!" EP
God, how I love the Shanks, and it's great to see that the rumors of them throwing in the towel may be a bit premature with this new release. At least I hope so, because it appears they still have something left in the tank. "Deny Me" is a classic Shanks mid-tempo clanger, somewhat bitter as usual ('cause they always get the shit-end of the stick, you know), but not letting it get the best of them. They'll still rock it out no matter what you throw at 'em. Dick's vocals are strong on this one and there's some delicious and crisp twang present on the guitar. Shifting songwriting mode to takin'-the-piss-style, they break out "Buzzcocks Mug", a name-dropping pot-shot aimed at the 'cocks themselves, crass commercialism, memorabilia collectors and coattail riders (from what I'm guessing), the sort of nudge-nudge-wink-wink joke these limeys are so good at. It's kind of sung to the tune of "The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle" as well. "Me and Yer Granny on Bongos" starts of sounding like "Shirts Off" but turns out to actually be a hilarious bit of deadpan spoken word cheekiness. Funny in that pleasant (and a bit Python-y) English way. "Chav Scum" closes, sort of a dirty boogie with Shanks in total rock-mode, tossing off another inside/Brit-centric joke I don't really get but am totally happy to guffaw along with. A splendid platter from a band I always like to think of as the Benny Hill of the UK garage rock scene. Stick around boys, please. Nice full color cardstock sleeves.(RK)
(Cock Energy // PO Box 8793, Chico, CA 95927) [Read More...]
accurate review shocker
Armitage Shanks Smash the Cistern EP (Cock Energy)
For a distressing amount of time in the 90s these Armitage Shanks were pretty much the only relevant rock’n roll punker band operating out of the UK (outside of the Childish constellation of bands of course). There was a bounty of arty stuff operating on the DIY circuit, with the Slampt stable of bands immediately coming to mind amongst others like the Country Teasers, but the thoroughly pathetic state of affairs concerning the lack of output from that island’s more traditionally primal (ya know?) sources was perplexing (unless you understand the insanely corrosive effect of their music media). Other than the Shanks, who was channeling the ethos of the 60s and 70s without focusing on dress up First and the rocking a distant Second? So, everyone should have at least one Armitage Shanks record in the stable, take your pick. Having said all of that, you probably shouldn’t start with this effort, kids, as they sound a bit tuckered out on here. Part of their charm was directly lifting punk riffs and remaking them in their own trashed-out image, but on this one either their inspiration is flagging or their interests are divided because the vim is missing. No problem, just one flat note in a symphony of otherwise welcome cacophony. –RW [Read More...]
the redemptive power of Guinness
Generally speaking, there are two kinds of punk rockers: the ones who care about nothing -- nihilistic pessimists shouting, ``No future!'' -- and the do-gooder political types, who, with songs of famine and war, care about everything.

Armitage Shanks, who performed Friday night at New Haven's Cafe Nine, belong to a third class: the goofballs. If the London garage-punk sextet believes in anything, it's the redemptive power of Guinness. [Read More...]
Veteranos y maestros en estos menesteres!
Lo-Fi Garage-punk de la escuela de Billy Childish. Veteranos y maestros en estos menesteres!
El último disco hasta la fecha de estos garageros británicos muy amiguetes del señor Billy Childish. Grabado en el año 2004 en los ya legendarios Toe Rag Studios de Londres. [Read More...]
Trashy garage-punk doesn't get better than the Armitage Shanks
Trashy garage-punk doesn't get better than the Armitage Shanks. The U.K. quintet has two decades of recording/touring experience under its belt -- everything from doing shows with Billy Childish/Thee Headcoats to doing an LP of '70s punk covers. The band's releasing a new EP via Chicago's Criminal IQ Records and in conjunction is doing a rare tour of the States which culminates at Memphis' Goner Fest. That short U.S. trek stops at the Crack Fox tonight. Dave Marquis (of the Dammit Boys) is playing with Armitage Shanks and as part of one of the opening bands, a reunited Hippie Repellent. [Read More...]
classic fast, stop-starty punk in the manner of Buzzcocks and The Jam
As Armitage Shanks frontman Dick Scum observed, “It’s fuckin ’ot in this joint, i'n'it?” Made up of five stylish men in white collar shirts and skinny black ties, the band played classic fast, stop-starty punk in the manner of Buzzcocks and The Jam. Scum provided snarly Cockney vocals, observing early on that “it’s Sat’dy night! We should be pogoing!”
The setlist included favorites like “Shut Up” and “Drowning, Not Waving.” The band sounded great, tight and enthusiastic [Read More...]
smash the cistern
ARMITAGE SHANKS "Smash the Cistern!" EP
These loverly louts can do no wrong, as witness this wisdom from "Buzzcocks Mug": "I think punks deserve a crockery choice." "Me and Yer Granny on Bongos" is bent brilliance, "Chav Scum" is a wonderful glob of sleeze and shit, and "Deny Me" is some kind of musical peak for the SHANKS to date. An absolute delight.
it didn't feel excessive
This year, the exception was the Armitage Shanks, a fun garage/punk band from the UK, who played around an hour and it didn’t feel excessive. Incidentally, there is an excellent quality MP3 of the show (minus the encores) that you can download at this link (right click, then click on "save links as"). Thank me later! [Read More...]
borstal breakout bring down
Armitage Shanks

I could die happily never hearing "Borstal Breakout" again in my life, but the Pop Rivets and Clash covers more than made up for it! (for all you die-hard militant Sham 69 fans who now want my head on a pole..there are some punk "classics" that I've hated since my teens...and further loathed after having certain people become identified with the song (this phenomenon crosses all genre-boundaries)...Borstal Breakout comes in third, followed by "Groovy Times" by the Clash, and preceded by "Alternative Ulster" by Stiff Little Fingers and "Astro Zombies" by the Misfits. Suck on it.). [Read More...]
Punk in it's purest sense
Formed in 1990, Armitage Shanks were a punk group in the purest of senses. Not exactly experts on their instruments, they pushed ahead anyway, replacing skill with bravado and gaining a small yet cultish following. They worked with the aforementioned Childish, and played numerous gigs with Thee Headcoats. The band survived numerous lineup changes and breakups, and released a few albums -- both live and studio -- and a smattering of singles along the way (the debut, Takin' the Piss, was released in 1993). By 2004, the Shanks were still around, having toured continental Europe, England, and the United States, as well as putting together two DVDs and a fairly full discography. That year also saw the release of Urinal Heap, a full-length for Damaged Goods. In 2005 the band (the lineup at the time being Dick Scum, Rod Vomit, Vic Flange, and Dave Dirtbox -- further argument that the fixture-based name fits) continued its live shows, including a fall tour of the States. [Read More...]
urinal heap
There are few acts that have had the stamina not to grow at all. Knowing the depths of one's talent, and never overstepping those boundaries is a feat unto itself. A few bands have had long careers and never felt the urge to expand on their original formula: The Ramones, AC/DC, Motörhead. They were cartoons to start with, but their lack of desire to become three-dimensional is stunning. Even past their prime, they could dish out some songs that did justice to what came before. [Read More...]
sweaty presence
If you're missing the punk bands of old, and wish to experience some good, old fashioned ‘shouting oi-oi’ of the sort you didn't think they made any more, then you could do a lot worse than checking out the wonderful Armitage Shanks when they grace the nearly legendary Buffalo Bar with their sweaty presence on Friday 8th April.
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Believe In Armitage Shanks
Now, listen. Looking at the back catalogue and the liberal sprinkling of toilet humour that the band employ, you might be forgiven for thinking that Armitage Shanks are some sort of 'funny' punk band. They don't take themselves too seriously, that's for sure, but one listen to this album and you're left in no doubt that they're far from a joke. Armitage Shanks have made something quite lovely, a contemporary punk album that's relevant, exciting and surprisingly dark and urban. If you have no time for garage punk then you'll hate this, but for everyone else, this is quite essential. Actually, punk has too many negative connotations to truly describe this as punk; it's more hardcore rock 'n' roll for jumping about too - A more brutal version of The Who, if you will, all chugging riffs and crashing drums.

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singing in the bath
UK: SINGING IN THE BATH - ARMITAGE SHANKS. - In the wake of aspiring rock group Unilever (Other Business, May 1994) comes another with a name that betrays a peculiar affinity for industry. Enter Armitage Shanks (or The Shanks, as they sometimes prefer to

In the wake of aspiring rock group Unilever (Other Business, May 1994) comes another with a name that betrays a peculiar affinity for industry. Enter Armitage Shanks (or The Shanks, as they sometimes prefer to be known), a four-piece punk band from Kent who released their debut album earlier this year.

Quite why a band should seek to make its bid for stardom under the name of Blue Circle's ceramics subsidiary is a mystery perhaps best left to those acquainted with the strange ways of the music business. Equally as odd is the fact that the album's cover pictures the band with one of their namesake's products. Blue Circle might, understandably, be nonplussed by such an unsolicited form of endorsement - as with the name of the label on which the album appears, Damaged Goods. [Read More...]
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